To Keep or KNOT to Keep

To Keep or KNOT to Keep

I’m really excited about this bag.  I wish the fabric was brighter and more vivid, but this bag came with a requirement… It had to be green.  I was making it for a friend’s gift bag.  The reason I am so excited about it is because it totally came to me out of nowhere.  It was fun, quick, simple, and rewarding.  I apologize in advance for not having pictures for the way to tie the knot.  I didn’t think I was going to put this bag on the blog until I realized it was going to be pretty cute!  You can use this as a gift bag, or a little book tote! (Hence the title, “To Keep or KNOT to Keep.”)

Here we go!

You’ll Need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric for outside 12″ x 11″
  • 2 pieces of fabric for inside 12″ x 11″
  • 2 strips of fabric for straps 14″ x4″
  • 1 strip of fabric for knot design about 7″ x ?” (I didn’t measure this part, but you could be safe with 20″ and then cut off extra)

First thing I did was the knot.

I’m going to tell you to make the straps first.


This is the same concept we have done with pretty much every strap or string we have made so far.  Fold in half long ways first, and iron flat.  Then open it up, and fold the edges in to meet in the center.  Fold a final time down that center again.  You can stitch the open edge with a straight stitch to finish it! (do this with both straps, then set aside)

Now, we will make the knot.  You are going to fold your fabric exactly the same way you folded it for the straps above.  Remember this strip is just wider… That’s all.  I did not sew a straight stitch on this one, mainly because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough thread to last me through the end of the project.  You can sew it up if you like, but it stayed pretty good without being sewn.

Once it’s folded like the strap, you can tie a knot.  You may need to keep untying and retying.  I certainly did.

I then took my front fabric piece and pinned the knotty piece to it. The picture shows you… Then I cut off the extra wings that the knotty strip had. 😉


Now that you front looks like this, you can lay the back piece on top so that the right sides are facing each other.  Pin ot along the sides and bottom edges, and sew!

For some reason, I didn’t take pictures of this part either, but it’s simple.  Just do the same thing as you did above, but with the lining.  Sew the right sides together, bottom and side edges, leaving the top open, of course.


Fold down the tops of both the front and lining so you have a nice edge, and slip that lining into the bag.  You can begin to pin these pieces together at the top edge.  I find it easier to pin all around and then add my straps, so everything stays in one spot.

I measured about an inch and a half from the side seam and then inserted each side of the strap.  After you have the straps pinned down nicely and tucked in, you can sew your final stitches around the top to close it up!  THEN… you have a bag… to keep or KNOT to keep… that is the question!


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