Dinner No. 5: Orange Cashew Chicken


Presentation: (how did you like the way it looked on the plate?)

Nice! It looked good, but tasted better!

Taste: (pretty self-explanatory!)

Probably the best meal I have ever cooked.  I don’t usually care for orange chicken from the restaurant but this was fantastic!  I made it twice already!

Cost Efficient: (did the prices justify the taste?)

I was satisfied… the only outrageously expensive item was the honey roasted cashews the recipe called for, but it was so worth it.  Plus, Once I bought the ingredients, I was able to make the meal again.  In fact, I think I have enough to make it once more, even!

Time to Cook: (The recipe says 30 minutes… did it lie?)

About triple the promise.  I do NOT like to handle raw chicken… I have decided it makes my fingers cold, and the little fat pieces are gross. I guess the most frustrating part was cutting the chicken thighs into tiny pieces.  NOT fun!

Make Again: (would you make it again, or recommend it to someone else?)

Already did!

p.s. I just thought you might like to hear a funny side story about this meal… I had never cooked rice before, and didn’t know that once the rice goes into the boiling pot you are supposed to turn down the burner to low.  I guess you could say that I found that out the hard way… It went something like this:

(about 15 minutes after the rice had been cooking)

DAD: “Do you smell that? It smells like something is burning…”

ME: (already noticed the smell… hoping that if I ignore the issue it will go away) “Yeah, but everything’s fine I’m sure”

COURTNEY (8 yrs old): “Kelli, what’s that smell? Are you burning something”

ME: “No, everything’s fine!” (still hoping that if I ignore the problem it will go away)

SARAH (7 yrs old): “That smell’s horrible… Dad, do you smell that?”

DAD: “Yes.  Kelli- you need to go figure out what’s happening!”

ME: “ok, but there’s nothing wrong… I followed directions!”

-so I go in, scoop the rice, and find charred white rice (that is now more like brown rice).  My sister Courtney says, “Kelli, if you burnt the rice, I’m not eating it!”


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