The “Put a Chain Around my Neck, And Lead Me Anywhere” Lanyard

The “Put a Chain Around my Neck, And Lead Me Anywhere” Lanyard

“Oh let me be… Your teddy bear.”   “la-la-la”

Now that you have Elvis stuck in your head, you can successfully complete your craft! Though the picture here lacks in color and pizzazz, the lanyard is pretty nice, and multiple colors would probably have been more pleasing to the eye.  Regardless, I think you will find this little beauty to be a quick easy project that you can show off to all you work with!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a strip of fabric that is 38″ long and 2 1/2″ wide
  • a ribbed ribbon that is 38″ long and 1 1/2″ wide– you will NOT see this ribbon, so color doesn’t matter a bit. (or interfacing that measures the same)
  • an average looking lanyard that you don’t mind tossing… (or just the metal piece if you have that too)

Here we go!


I used a ribbon to add sturdiness to the lanyard because, well, I tried making it with only the fabric, and it was not good.  If your crafting stash looks like mine, you NEVER have interfacing on hand when you need it.  So, the ribbon was ushered in, and thus we have… ribbon interfacing! (yay).  So anyway, now that I have said my piece, you can create yours.  Run the ribbon down the middle back of your fabric like so, and pin.


Now you will take your iron and press the open fabric sides over the ribbon on both sides like this!


Now you will take your pins out from the center and rotate them 90 degrees, after folding over the fabric in the center for the final time.  Follow the above pictures for clarity.

Then, sew at the edge of the fold all the way down the strip, and the down the other side.  Now, you should have a funtional “strap” (?)


Take your ugly lanyard that we need for the metal piece.  Ccut off the ribbon part, and throw it away!

(p.s. I know they give lanyards away for free on campus, so I’m sure they aren’t hard to come by if you aren’t like me and my family, who have about 20 stashed up in our junk drawer)


The best way I can describe to lay the lanyard-to-be is in the form of a cancer symbol (picture 1).  Slip on your matal piece that will hold your tag.  Then, tuck under the raw edges and sew them inside out, so that after it’s sewn, the raw edges are caught in the underside of the lanyard.


Lastly, I did a few stitched back and forth to keep the piece in place.  I did one above the seam first, then I tamed down the bump by sewing it closly to the metal.  You now have a cute and functional lanyard to impress all your freinds and co-workers with! (p.s. the last picture had the remaining lanyard tucked behind the maniquine.  (It’s not this short).  In fact, I will show you how long it really is…)

Maybe now your job will be more fun because you can glance down and see your craftiness every now and again! That always makes me happy!

Send in your pics when you make yours, so we can all get our creative juices flowing!


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