Dinner No. 3: Chicken Parm Pasta Toss

Dinner No. 3: Chicken Parm Pasta Toss


Presentation: (how did you like the way it looked on the plate?)

Not too shabby! I think it turned out pretty good in this picture, seeing how this is supposed to all be tossed together.

Taste: (pretty self-explanatory!)

Well, I didn’t fall in love with the taste, but the dish was perfectly delicious, and left me feeling full.  If it’s any consolation for myself, I did just heat up the last bit of leftovers for lunch today…

Cost Efficient: (did the prices justify the taste?)

Most everything in this recipe we already had in the kitchen, and since I was running low on cash, I liked it that way.  I did have to buy the chicken, which was ON SALE at Sweetbay!!! and… after standing in the produce isle for about 25 minutes, I finally figured out what Arugula is… and that Sweetbay doesn’t carry it.  So I whipped out my nifty smart phone and googled proper substitutions, to which I found escarole. $1.75

Time to Cook: (The recipe says 30 minutes… did it lie?)

While the book screams 30 minutes, this one took quite a while, totaling about double that… That’s ok though… it was worth it.

Make Again: (would you make it again, or recommend it to someone else?)

Maybe.  It has a certain taste that I enjoyed, but don’t know that I would ever crave.  With that said, I certainly wouldn’t turn down the meal!


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