The “Writer’s Craft” Pencil Bag

The “Writer’s Craft” Pencil Bag

Another quick project… Easy and so useful!  I imagine these being used to store little trinkets of all kinds… pens and pencils, jewelry, little keepsakes, ANYTHING!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these:

  • (2) 9″x9″ fabric pieces.  (They don’t have to be the same… One will be your inside, and one will be your outside.
  • Ribbon that’s about 30″ long


To start, you will put your fabrics together with right sides touching.  Then, sew a straight seam around three of the four sides, and leave open the fourth side.  If you are using directional fabric, the open part should be the side of your fabric direction (as opposed to the top or bottom).  Use the open side and turn the pieces right-side-out.


Now that you have it turned right-side-out, you will line up the raw edges that are not sew, and sew them.  I used an overcast stitch so that the frays don’t get out of control.


Next you will fold over the top to create a hem.  This determines the inside and outside.  It’s up to you how you want it to look!  (The pouch in the middle of my top picture was done so that the fold was visible.)  Anyway, After you fold the hem in, you will sew it down.  Then, create your pouch by folding your piece in half (shown in third picture above).  Pin.  Sew (leaving top open)!


To insert the ribbon drawstring, I simply cut a tiny slit in the side of the hem at top.  I only cut the first layer of fabric (there are 4 total).  I inserted the ribbon using a safety pin, and fed it through the top.  Once the ribbon was in and out, I cut the ribbon on a slant at both ends and used a lighter to burn them slightly so that they wouldn’t fray.


Now, all you have to do is tie a bow to cinch up your new little treasure!  These make great gifts, too!

I would love to see your variations, so start sewing!


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