Dinner No. 2: Marsala Burgers


Ok, so after some thought, I decided it would be fun to have a standard way to rate these meals.

Here’s the categories I came up with… Please add your input if you’d like to see another category!

Presentation: (how did you like the way it looked on the plate?)

I thought it looked better in the cookbook, but I guess the presentation was ok here.  There’s not much color in the meal.  It tasted better than it looks!

Taste: (pretty self-explanatory!)

The taste was decent.  The burgers were a little dry, but the juicy mushrooms moistened it up.  There could have been a few extra toppings, like maybe onions in with the mushrooms, and something crispy just to invite a little bit of a different texture.  I am being a little hard on myself, because overall, I liked it, and I even ate leftovers the next day for lunch!

Cost Efficient: (did the prices justify the taste?)

What I am finding is that groceries are EXPENSIVE!  And the meals in this cookbook agree with that finding.  The recipe originally called for ground veal, but I opted for the cheaper ground meat and went for the standard burger meat.  Now that I think about it, that may be why I thought the flavor was a bit dry…

Time to Cook: (The recipe says 30 minutes… did it lie?)

The cookbook is “30 Minute Meals.”  It takes no genius to figure out that for me, if it says 30 minutes, it’s going to be longer…  Let’s be honest.  I am slow at this new hobby.  This meal took me about 50 minutes from start (measuring out ingredients) to finish (putting the final product on the table).  I was ok with that.

Make Again: (would you make it again, or recommend it to someone else?)

I would, but it wouldn’t go in the favorites bin.  It was an enjoyable meal, but I think I could find a  better gourmet burger recipe… (There are lots in this cookbook.)


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