The “Simpleness is Bliss” Sleep-Mask

The “Simpleness is Bliss” Sleep-Mask

These little beauties are so simple, it’s ridiculous.  I have again set the steps out so that you, too, can make these adorable sleeping trinkets! To begin, you’ll need:

That’s it! Now let’s begin:



Take both of your strips for the ties, and iron them in this way.  fold them in half long ways and press.  Then fold both edges in to meet in the middle.  Fold over a final time in the center fold you created first.  The pictures above demonstrate these steps.



After you have these folded, you will want to run a stitch up the open side of the fold.  Next, as shown in the second pic, you should do a zig-zag or a surge stitch along the short open edge.  This will seal it off.  You only need to do this on one end of each of the strips.  Now you can set these aside momentarily.



The polka-dot piece shown here with the batting was used as my back side (or the side your eyes touch).  Stack the batting under the back piece, with the pattern of the fabric facing you!



Pin on the ties like so, using the mark I indicated on the pattern piece.



Now, you will lay the front piece of fabric on top of these, guiding the ties to come out at the top of the mask.  The right sides of fabric should be facing each other, as seen in picture 1.  Picture 3 shows the pins to mark where I will NOT sew.  In between these two pins, I will not sew, because I will need to turn the mask right side out after I’m done.  This is also where the ties come out of, so they don’t get stuck in a place you don’t want them.  After you have this all figured out, you can continue to pin all the way around the mask.



I sewed a 3/8″ seam allowance around, except for the little hole we will use to turn this right-side out.  I provided a view from both sides here, just in case you were concerned about the batting being exposed.  It’s ok!  We are about to fix that!  So… take your pins out!



Use your ties to finagle the mask right-side out.  Then, once you have it looking smooth, iron it down so that your hole seams are tucked under.




Sew a scant seam around the edge of the mask to close in the hole and give it a more finished look.  Once you have done this, you are done, and can sleep beautifully! There are, as you may have noticed, some alternative ways to fasten this to your face, such as elastic and ribbon ties.  Although the home-made fabric ties are my favorite, I will include the variations here, in case you have short-order family members like I do, who ask for these things… ELASTIC:Instead of the two strips 2″x21″, you will need:

  • 3/8″ wide elastic 14 1/2″ long
  • a strip of fabric 29 1/2″ x 2 1/2″



Sew the strip of fabric inside out, and then poke a stick though it to turn it right-side-out.



Pin one side of the elastic so that it’s easier to fish it through the strip of fabric.  Run it through the tube.



Now pin the other side to the fabric to it doesn’t slide through.  Once the elastic is all the way through the fabric tube, you can pin both sides, so you have a tube gathered with elastic.  Pin both edges so it won’t slide through.



Now, pin it in the same place as the marking on the pattern, leaving any extra slack to come through the turn-around hole.  Follow above instructions from here. RIBBON TIES:Instead of the two strips 2″x21″, you will need:

  • 2 ribbon strips, 21″ long

Assemble the eye mask as set in instructions above.

Please leave your comments below!  I would love to see variations of this simple project!  Maybe adding lace or silk!  Keep me posted!


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  1. I’ve got another idea for you Kelli. How about a Kindle pocket? You see them selling for $30.00 so I’m sure you could make one much less expensively. You could even make them to sell. Great job on the blog.

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